About us

We represent and advance our individual and corporate clients' interests in Bulgaria by providing comprehensive, flexible and loyal legal services.

Yankov & Co. Law Firm offers a diverse and comprehensive range of legal services to over 800 international clients - individuals and companies with various interests in Bulgaria.

Our business is to facilitate your opportunities in Bulgaria. We take care to understand, protect and advance your needs and interests. We can answer your questions and guide you through the specificities of Bulgarian laws and regulations. Our services reduce the risks and provide security with a clear perspective for your undertakings. We open alternatives with our positive approach and perseverance, so you can make an informed decision. Our attentive attitude keeps you updated and grants you control with your personal measure of involvement. And with a diverse experience and expertise, we manage the full legal proceedings of your project - from the early probing to the profitable outcome.

Our business is built on the passages, not the barriers, to your enterprises.

In our work, we value and pursue the following style and conduct.


Our primary loyalty is to our clients. We promote their interest with decency and confidentiality. We rely on sensibility and verifications in our judgment. We provide the means for the best choice for our client, and grant them control over the decisions.


We work to provide passage, not to make business out of barriers. We seek and plan the shortest path to our client's opportunity. We put in our efforts in an efficient and energetic way.


The area of our expertise is diverse. We track and process our clients' commissions from the beginning to the successful completion, navigating through complex and changing requirements.


Our attitude to problems and opportunities is optimistic and practical. We persevere in our efforts and make sure our job is done as expected. Our confidence is based on providing alternatives and seeing opportunities everywhere our client can benefit.


We provide our services any time, anywhere. Working for our clients is not limited by distance or availability. We communicate in the client's most convenient way, and we are open to adapting to the changing demands of our clients and their markets.


We take special care to understand and feel every clients' needs and expectations. Our attitude is candid and sincere, building trust and respect. We empower our clients by giving them control over their undertaking and the means to make the best choice for themselves.

Yankov & Co. aims at a long-term and lasting standing in the business of legal services, built on our clients' trust and returning partnership.