Practice areas

Real estate law

Yankov and Co provides clients support and alternatives in acquiring new property in Bulgaria:
  • Acquisition of land
  • Acquisition of apartment or other property rights
  • Real estate financing
  • Establishment of mortgages

Construction law

Yankov & Co advises and represents clients in all stages of a sophisticated construction process in Bulgaria:

  • Legal advice on all legal aspects of real estate construction
  • Investments in real estate and property development
  • Escrow arrangements
  • Rental contracts
  • Due diligence checks
  • Rectification of title process and documentation
  • Assistance in obtaining various exigible construction permits and licenses
  • Construction supervision and monitoring

Company law

Yankov & Co guides and supports your legal entity in Bulgaria in the following issues:

  • Business establishment in Bulgaria
  • Company formation
  • Company maintenance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Loans and credit facilities

Contract law

Yankov & Co. manages your legal relations with contracting parties, clients, providers and partners by tailored contract arrangements:

  • Preparation of civil and commercial contracts
  • Drafting project documentation related to all types of contracts


Yankov & Co represents clients in relation to claims arising in the commercial, industrial, financial, or administrative fields on matters such as:

  • Conducting litigation before Bulgarian courts of all instances
  • Representation of clients before local arbitration tribunals
  • All types of commercial litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgements and awards

Tax law

Yankov & Co extends its services to possibly arising legal issues of tax law, such as:

  • Tax disputes
  • Legal advice on tax issues related to investment in BG

Labour law

Yankov & Co can also offer support and representation in issues arising in the employment of labour:

  • Labour disputes
  • Due diligence investigation of employment contracts and related issues

Dispute resolution

Yankov & Co offers representation in resolving all types of commercial disputes via

  • Conduction of mediation procedures by the certified national standards
  • Setting up and leading negotiations with the client's contractors or other involved parties