Date: 1st of June 2010
Subject: PhD in Law

Yankov & Co is happy to announce that our colleague 
Stoyan Stavru has just completed his PhD in Law 
at the Sofia University. Congratulations! 
In order to get acquainted with the articles and books 
published by Stoyan Stavru, please visit 



Date: January, 2010
Subject: Foundation Children of Hospital Pirogov

Kaloyan Yankov, partner in Yankov & Co Law Firm, 
is one of the establishers of Foundation 
The Children of Hospital Pirogov. The aim is to be 
established a Clinic for laughing therapy for children 
at the hospital children departments within Bulgaria. 
Children shall also be taught fun ways to learn healthful 
living - including eating healthful food, adding fruit 
to their cereal, having an extra glass of water, increased 
sport activities and etc.